About LazerKim

I’m a huge fan of Kim Hyun Joong but I don’t belong to any fan club, I’m simply addictive to him! My posts are all about this guy based on facts from his interviews, TV appearances, video footages, and share my personal views whatever my thoughts about him dictates!

I truly love every moment talking about him, with hopes that you’ll enjoy reading as much as I enjoy sharing this blog with you. I’m hoping my posts would be able to help other new fans to enrich their enthusiasm about Kim Hyun Joong.

I think this is the best page where I can introduce myself so as people would not wonder as to why I know so much about Kim Hyun Joong’s profession. We have the same field of work. I’ve been a dancer all my life, I grew up in ballet from age eight until high school, then switch to jazz in college.

After graduating college I worked in a bank while pursuing with stage production arts studies. I finally worked as a choreographer and producer in a Japanese show production agent based in Tokyo. The company supplies show package of different nationalities to different hotel resorts and city big events such as concerts.

Well, that’s it!! Please visit my blog site at wordpress, Tag Kim Hyun Joong and you’ll find all my articles which I have shared to many fans of Kim Hyun Joong. You may also visit the Google for a complete list of my articles, there are about over 400 articles as of this year 2015, from the time I started writing in December 2011 on daily basis.

Enjoy reading and keep reading all about Kim Hyun Joong as we take the journey with him being huge fans of our only one until he getd back to the lime light! See you!

                                                                                                    LazerKim here writing


18 thoughts on “About LazerKim

    • Hello!! thanks lot for reading my article. you are most welcome. Pls read more about Hyun Joong. subscribe by email so that I can send you my other articles. God bless

    • Hi LazerKim,
      I became a fan since last summer only when the people renting my house mentioned to me about Boys Over Flowers. So I decided to give it a try watching that movie. The first time I saw KHJ, he captured me heart. Don’t ask me why but I myself was really surprised to the extent that I don’t sleep anymore just watching his movies. Then last Sept. 2014, I went to Japan just to watch his concert. To date, we have some Koreans here in Canada trying to tell me that he is a bad guy. I went as far as telling them that they have no right to judge KHJ because they really know what happened. And I’ll say this… too bad that he is actually entangled to that kind of person. I wish he’ll open his heart to another person who will really love and take him for who he is. No matter what, I’ll be at his side all the time.

  1. @Lazerkim~..
    I first stumbled upon reading your article when I was searching for latest news about Hyunjoong @wordpress.Actually,I like reading articles,news,fanaccounts etc.. more than scrolling photos of him ( I’m well aware on how good looking he is,that’s why,hee)..I don’t usually collect photos. Only when I feel like doing it w/c is very seldom.Besides,there’s a lot of fans doing the job so I just take a peek on their collection~hahaha..Btw,what I wanted to tell you really is, since I started reading your article I became your follower instantly!.You are such a good writer that the way you write makes me feel like I can see myself into you when it comes to Hyunjoong.And it makes me curious on whether your career has something to do w/in the entertainment industry.Especially,the article where you discuss about “STAR DANCER (BTS)”.It’s very detailed that I can feel that you can really relate to them somehow.Now you supplied the answer to my curiosity & determined my instinct.^-^).I didn’t meant to just praise you by saying this..but you are one of the few blogger that I considered reading articles being posted.,following & waiting for the next .No matter whether the article related to Hyunjoong or not..And since your articles are all related to Hyunjoong,that keeps it more exciting and worth sharing to other Hyunjoong craze individuals,hahahaha~..

    You mentioned about having 60 articles already posted?!.I must check and read it all.:)
    Hah~!Now there’s something to keep me occupied over my loneliness of missing Hyunjoong so much~!..thaks to you,Lazerkim.Keep writing okey^^..

  2. I am also a die hard fan of Kim Hyun Joong from Montréal, Canada. I first knew him from drama BBF, then found out that he is a very talented dancer and singer. I’ve been reading your articles daily for a while now and they help me to understand more about his charismatic personality. Thank you very much for all your work.

  3. hi lazerkim,

    It was awesome reading your blog.. the first time I saw this I was like wow! I stumbled one great blogger this time as I kept on digging about KHJ.. your thoughts conveyed to other die-hard fans like me in a very intense way.. thank you for sharing your personal experiences with him.. for that I’m dying in envy!! LOL!!

    May I ask a personal question? You’re a FILIPINA too, right? anyway you ROCK for this blog!!! salamat ng madami!!!! c^^)

    • Hello Ann! Yes I’m a Filipina and proud to be! I’m sorry I just found you comment here at WPI Thank you so much for reading the articles. I do hope reading about KHJ through this blog can keep him closer to you. Welcome to the Alien World!! LOL Have a nice weekend take care and see you again! God bless..
      Oh by the way Happy Champ shall be broadcast tonight, the live stream link in now posted in my article for today. don’t miss the fun! see you!

      • Good morning gurl!! I feel like I know KHJ a little deeper just by reading your post.. kamsahamnida!! I’ll try my best to tune in for that live streaming ‘coz I’ve some errands tonight but surely I’ll find it if I won’t be able to catch it on time.. weekends for me is friday only and saturday is the first day of work… haist!! it’s difficult being in a different country having weird policies and all.. tsk.. anyway enjoy your weekend and take care too… it’s nice to know you though it’s just through this.. GOD BLESS!!!

  4. I am a new fan too from Oversease…I like your rightful articles and your support
    to Kim Hyun Joong…When I want to have the premier and sincere new about him,
    I quickly come to read you at LazerKim blog!
    God Bless^
    PS: I am stil keeping the vote mood running too…

    • Hello Taeborum! Welcome to the world of KHJ, thanks you so much for reading my articles.
      I’m so please to meet you here, welcome to the Alien World! Enjoy reading! Take care and
      see you again God bless..

      • Hello LazerKim! Thanks a lot for your kind welcome.
        It is every day a big Joy
        to come to your blog and see what amazing and unique articles..photos..news..and comments of KHJ are posted here!
        You are doing a great work full of sensibility and love for him.
        All the fans could find here warm and sincere friendship and share
        their care and support for KHJ!
        Today for example, I was a little bit worried about KHJ’s health…
        but you knew how to comfort me with your post, thanks you!
        I am joining you always in my prayers…wishing you all the Best!
        Take care of yourself…God bless..

      • Hello Lazer Kim! Please could you tell me why I am not able anymore to read or to reply to your articles since I am an old member of your Blog..?
        I am still a member of Kim Hyun Joong big alien family.. you know?!
        Thanks for reading my message^^

      • Hello taeborum! Its good to hear fr you. What happen? Pls try my comment box the usual way you do it. I dont change any setting in my blog. pls try again i miss reading fr you.

  5. Dear Ms LK, I’m a new fan of KHJ from Indonesia. Just like others, I’m dying for his actual news and performance. So, your articles are big help for me. I’ve been reading them for two months, everyday. They represent all my feeling about KHJ. Thanks a million for you… I’ve never been a fan for any star before. Magically, I can’t resist the charming prince… Keep on writing! You’re the best…!

  6. Hello ! Firstly i would like to thank u for the post u write ! U are doing such a great job ! Actually i have a page DREAMS OF THE GREEN STAR. Which is for sharing the dreams of KIM HYUN JOONGS GREEN STARS which are the henecians itself. (green lightsticks. Green uzoosins) in the grup we will post the dreams of henecians their fantacies . The silly thoughts we have. The dream of meeting him, spending a day with him, being his best friend. The two years with kim hyun joong going for ms we can share our memories so that the henecian family stays strong and happy !
    Plz make a reference of it or promote it so that more and more henecians know about it !
    Thank you.
    Link for the page —

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