Kim Hyun Joong… [article] THE ULTIMATE LOVER


By LazerKim:      Kim Hyun Joong, a perfectly handsome guy talks about his first love, his most precious three year relationship ended and his past girlfriends practically dump him. Would you believe that? Well who wouldn’t believe a guy who is candidly honest? But where are these girls? Were they listening when Hyun Joong talks about them on talk shows? And what may be their reasons for dumping somebody like Kim Hyun Joong? Let’s see how these question be answered by Hyun Joong hmself and you’ll be the judge if Hyun Joong can be an ultimate lover.

As time goes I’m getting to know Hyun Joong better, and that wasn’t too difficult because his life is an open book to his fans. As he always say he wants to live a normal life, he doesn’t like sneaking around and hiding himself in his closet since he has nothing to hide to begin with. For him, even his personal relationship is a natural matter that happens to everybody. And his openness gained respect from media and his fans that no one brag him about it.

As I watch his video clips of interviews and talk shows, he was quite open about his personal relationship with girls. But one thing had caught my attention, every time he was asked about his love, he’s consistently mentioning one specific girl he met during high school days.

At a talk show Night after Night, he told his story about a girl he first had seen in a restaurant, whom  he fell in love at first sight. He visited the restaurant practically everyday for two years, with hopes to see the girl. He did saw her two or three times, before he finally got the courage to talk with her. Incidentally, a friend of his was also interested with the same girl. Hyun Joong and his friend agreed to propose to the girl, and whoever wins they would still be friends, with no hard feelings.

Hyun Joong ‘s friend made the first move but failed. Hyun Joon called the girl for the first time through the telephone via COLLECT CALL!!  Gosh…wouldn’t you get turned off??  But then Hyun Joong made it, he invited the girl for a movie and the girl agreed, and started dating.


The relationship did last for three year, they broke off after his debut with SS501. The host of the show commented as “actors do break off after they debut and that’s how it is in showbiz”. But Hyun Joong relayed, “we became further apart as time passed after my debut. Becoming an entertainer wasn’t the reason, because we reached the stage where we had to separate, so we broke up”.

In another talk show with Lee Sora, Hyun Joong was asked about the same question, and he related similar story about his love which lasted three years. I was assuming he was talking about the same girl.


Then I came across a video clip, it’s some kind of a private interview as he was talking in front of a private video cam. The video was taken two years after his debut with SS501, I think it was taken after he had home from Japan. Hyun Joong talked about his relationship, as he related and translated as:

“I had a girl friend till we released the first album. Although two persons love each other, they often have to break up. Then I thought for the first time we could break up regardless of love. Since it ended nothing matters now.  But my love that time was I think a real love. When I broke up with my first love, I realize if I could choose between work and love , I would choose love”.

I felt a pinch in my heart, and I was watching him talk, can’t control my teary eyes, something is making this guy mighty unhappy. Apparently, he chose work, otherwise he won’t be with us. I’m not curious who the girl was, but I wonder where could this girl be? I wonder if she ever watched that video which is at YouTube. While watching that video, I was so touched on how Hyun Joong disclosed his emotions. From that video he actually looks sad…..although it’s in the past, I couldn’t help to think, this is how he was when feeling gloomy and lonely.


The time when Hyun Joong was busy promoting his first album, he mentioned in one radio station that his last relationship lasted a month before his launching of Breakdown. He said his girlfriend dumped him after he called her by the name of his past girlfriend!!  Well, that’s at least funny, and looked like he wasn’t affected by the break up, unlike the video I watched him sad to be talking about his love.

Where are these girls? Do they know whom they’re dumping? In Singapore during his promotion of The Face Shop, Hyun Joong was asked if he has a girlfriend or if he is currently in a relationship. And he replied, none.

The reporter asked Hyun Joong “when you were doing Playfull Kiss, did you ever thought of wanting to fall in love again”?

Hyun Joong replied  “I could not think of falling in love, because I was busy memorizing my lines in the drama”!!

Gosh….what a way to answer such sensitive question!!! Hyun Joong just outwardly spill out his 4D!!


Oh yes, I remember, and may I just add, at the same event on that interview in Singapore, the lady reporter asked Hyun Joong this question “What was the best kiss you ever had”? Hyun Joong said, “I can not compare a kiss because I do not have a girlfriend”.  I find the question a bit silly, but maybe, just maybe, if Hyun Joong is a playboy type, he could probably respond to that lady reporter outwardly  what may be Hyun Joong’s best kiss!!! But then Hyun Joong is a decent modest guy.

I’m not trying to create an image what Hyun Joong ought to be base on how I want him to be. But base on the interviews with Hyun joong that I have been watching, I don’t think he’s a playboy at all. He’s not even choosy in selecting his ideal girl. A super model isn’t even his preference, he goes for average pretty girl and someone who could also be his friend and buddy.


Hyun Joong said, he would tell his fans if he’s in a relationship, but he’ll never gonna say who. He said “at this time I”ll probably won’t be in a relationship because of my work commitments, it would only be a pity to my girlfriend if always be left out because of my busy schedule”.  Then he said, “other actors or artists can have a relationship at the same time with their career, but for me, I’m not that good as an artist, I still need to fill up what is missing in my ability, and I just can’t do both at the same time”. Hyun Joong mentioned this during his interview in Bali.

Many of you had watched the TV reality show “We’re Getting Married”, that was not acting, there was no script only a camera and Hyun Joong just have to be himself for real. It may not be his 100 percent as Kim Hyun Joong, but somehow you can justify how he was in having a partner. Although he admitted he felt a bit awkward because Hwang Bo was his six year senior, and he couldn’t help but respect her that much to call her Ya, as how he normally calls his girlfriend.


Men’s ideal girls are just but ideal, same as Hyun Joong, he may have a lot of ideally perfect girl for himself. And that’s not even difficult for him to acquire, with his qualities, any Miss Universe or beauty queen would die for a lover like Hyun Joong. But it doesn’t work that way. Love comes to our lives in such a mysterious way, that it just happen, you suddenly fall in love even you’re not seeking for it. And sometimes we do fall for someone who’s unexpected. That’s the same with Hyun Joong, in fact he also falls at first sight.

At this time, Hyun Joong is at the peak of his career. He was being truthful when he said, he couldn’t bring himself to any relationship at this time because he is committed to the people who expect from him whom he doesn’t want to fail. As he said, he still needs to work on what is missing in his ability as an artist. I think this is a matured outlook of a grown man who’s aiming for his goals and unselfish desires to make others happy. Therefore, his own personal happiness has to take the backseat for a while.Hyun Joong will eventually find the real love of his life, only at this time, he’s passion for music and his untainted love for his fans comes first.

I truly believe Hyun Joong has a soft spot in his heart that belongs only to his fans. In so many event transpired last year, he had shown his caring, loving, and sincerity as Kim Hyun Joong an ultimate lover to his fans.                     LazerKim here writing.

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10 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong… [article] THE ULTIMATE LOVER

    • Hi!! Oh I appreciate this very much, thank you for your effort. I’ll tell you something, do you know that I have forgotten about this article??? LOL… Thank you so much I have not posted this at tweeter and facebook. I guess I have written too much to forget some of them. And I think I made a mistake when I posted this somewhere!! hahaha. I have the videos in my playlist nevertheless I’ll save these videos. Thank you again… Keep reading about Hyun Joong to keep him close to you …..see you again God bless.

  1. Wow,seems like Oppa Hyun Joong knows what he wants,impressive indeed…you will get the love you deserve when the time is right :-)!!!I believe there is a girl specially made for you out there…

  2. I usually never write a post cause I’m sure it’s not read but this time I had to. I loved to fined that video your talking about what is the name under on YouTube? I love how you state your opinion on his interviews and how your not one sided when we becomes fans a lot of fans become one sided. How can I say informed with his up comings? Please let me know.

  3. I really love your blog. The stories are wonderful to read. I’m also really happy to find out that Kim Hyun Joong is a Christian. I also feel pretty bad for him, since he grew up having it rough and is still working so hard these days to please his fans. I am really curious about something, does he still visit the SS501 even though they disband a little while ago?

  4. Really do like u ahjussi. Anyways you just have to do one thing at a time either you forcus more on ur job or ur love. Just pls follow your heart not wat u think people might say please. We love u ahjussi. Can u bé my ahjussi dat i can run to for advise cus i dont have please. Will bé wait

  5. he s really honest n dedicated person. People dono about love relationship not knowing anyone we should not judge . kim hyun joong u r the perfect person so choose who understand u .
    Trust the ppl who worth it not the one who play it

  6. I wish the cute Kim Hyun Joong oppa to find his ideal love and live happily ever after!!!!!!!! Hyun joong sunbae fighting God bless!!!!!!!

  7. i fancy u,kim hyun joong OPPA,wish u find ur true love,i rily lyk it dat u’re honest….. I wish i can come to southkorea to cheer u up…. but it is far frm me on 09096035145.

  8. Love this blog! It is designed to please for us his fans! And also for those who wants to know the real Kim hyun joong!
    Kim hyun joong fighting my only one idol , love you ♥♥♥♥♥

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