Kim Hyun Joong.. KEY TO SUCCESS


Kim Hyun Joong was born June 6, 1986, in the Chinese calendar he was born on the year of the Tiger, which is compatible to the year of the Dragon 2012. But I’m not here to talk about Hyun Joong’s fortune, even I’m a Chinese!!  I want to talk about the factors of Hyun Joong success, significant events and the formula or key to his unstoppable success in 2011.

What made Hyun joong click, to be able to attain consecutive awards, rocket high popularity ratings and receiving remarkable attention anywhere he goes, that can be envied by his colleagues. Let’s try to dissect significant events in his life that brought him to where is right now.


Isn’t he cute scratching his nose?? LOL…..It was on that interview “Guerrilla Date” when he was asked, the first three significant events in his career. He replied, first, was his debut with SS501, second, was when he moved in to KeyEast, third was when he released his first mini album Breakdown. Good answer!!!

Kim Hyun Joong’s success was not acquired overnight, that can easily collapse, similar to other famous artist who had lost their spark.. As he said in this interview, you can not get love in a second, you have to work hard to be able to receive that love.

There must be factors or key to his overwhelming success that he was able to acquire within the period of six months, and very likely to even escalate this year 2012. Let’s try to REWIND a bit of history..


Being the leader and the most handsome member of SS501 was his first stepping stone in 2005. But who would forget the most unforgettable blockbuster hit Boys Over Flower, and the handsome character of Yoon Ji Hoo in 2009? I think it all started from here, and I think it’s Yoon Ji Hoo who introduced Kim Hyun Joong to everyone. I would say this was the first significant event in Hyun Joong’s career.

Boys Over Flower started airing in 2009, while Hyun Joong’s contract with his previous agent DSP was expiring in June 2010. Hyun Joong met with Bae Yong Joon owner of KeyEast in Japan while promoting Boys Over Flower. I’m just not sure if that was their first meeting, but I’m definite they casually met in Japan until such time Bae Yong Joon became Hyun Joong’s mentor.


As expected in June 2010, Hyun Joong’s five year contract with DSP finally ended, and Hyun Joong decided not to renew the contract. As the media focused on Hyun Joong’s decision whether to renew DSP contract or not, Hyun Joong finally announced his contract signing under KeyEast on June 28, 2010, a few days after DSP’s contract expiration. The rest was history.

As Hyun Joong said, his second significant event, marked from here with KeyEast. His first acting project under KeyEast was Playful Kiss in 2010. Although the drama didn’t turn out to have a good rating result back home in Korea, it made a huge hit overseas. Still, it was considered not bad for a start under KeyEast.


When I saw this photo above, my first impression was “ya Hyun Joong ah, what’s this?” What are you doing in that field? There were a bunch of photos of him playing soccer together with the other celeb!! The media asked him if he had switched career from actor to soccer player!!!   Well he was good in it though. But it was indeed a very good blanket to cover up what he’s cooking behind everyone. He was busy playing soccer on camera, but no one was aware what he’s up to somthing off cam.

Behind the scene Hyun Joong was already preparing for his come back stage. He was indeed busy that time, seven hours dance rehearsals, two hours to hit the gym, five hours for recording and back to the soccer field at dawn to practice!!! Would you believe he has that stamina to accomplish his schedule?? On the outset seeing him at the soccer field fresh and energetic playing, you wouldn’t even guess that he’s already at the top of pressure getting done with his first album.

 And wallah…. the flower boy had gone, Hyun Joong finally grew up to be a real man in black hair, build up muscle in black leather suit and his dark glasses, marked the change, the turning point of his career. The most unforgettable transformation of Kim Hyun Joong, that I can hardly recognized, launched his first mini album Breakdown to debut in June 7, 2011, a day after his 25th birthday.

The album launching rocked the whole Korea and the rest of continent, placing his album right on top of any billboard for four consecutive weeks, and Hyun Joong happily brought home four trophies from different count down. It was a very remarkable event mark his third significant event in his career.

Hyun Joong had gone busy promoting Breakdown around Korea and overseas. Shortly after which, he released his second mini album Lucky Guy in October, also hit the top tank in any billboard. While promoting the album, he was already at the stage of receiving awards from Style Icon Award, MNet Asian Music Award as Best Male Solo artist, and YahooBuz for four trophies. Lastly, he released his digital single Marry Me in December 15, as his Christmas present to his fans.

Hyun Joong the sleepyhead, became a frequent passenger of any airport in Asia. This brief history seemed to be a long journey in relaying it, but everything happened so fast in reality to be able to attain a huge recognition everywhere.

Analyzing the flow of events I would say there are four factors or key to this remarkable success of Hyun Joong.

First, Hyun joong’s hard working attitude, his passion for his music, and his ability for transformation resulted in a tremendous attention from every where.

Second, is Hyun joong’s agent KeyEast owned by Bae Yong Joon. Hyun Joong needs financial backing up to materialize his hard worked craft. Hyun Joong made the right choice of people to work with him and KeyEast provided his music composer, choreographer, dancers, even Mr. Jeong his personal body guard, these are the people behind Hyun Joong. And of course his mentor Yon sama BYJ, who has been his partner and had been at Hyun Joong side to boost his confidence.

Third, is right timing to execute the project. Hyun Joong was smart enough to release his first album with not much to compete with his colleagues special his SS501 members. And releasing his second album made his new fans from breakdown stick to him. Everything was placed in its proper perspective.

Fourth, Lastly, his loyal fans the Triple S, Henecia, BYJ’s fans, and new fans of KHJ joined forces to put him on top. Hyun Joong gained their love, loyalty and support by keeping themselves busy voting for Hyun Joong on different polls.

Therefore, Hyun Joong’s key to his success is hard work, KeyEast, right timing, and his loyal fans. People does not easily get tired of him, because he has the power of transformation, his strong charisma and his ability to constantly bring something new whenever he steps on stage.

Hyun Joong was properly nurtured and in return he took the responsibility to cultivate his talent in bringing out the best in him that resulted an excellent harvest. Will Hyun Joong still succeed this year 2012?

I got no doubt about that, people still thirst for his music  and so with hyun Joong’s adrenaline had just started burning hot inside him. He had build a huge storage of ideas in his mind way back years ago, he patiently waited for his right time to release and share it with everybody.


2 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong.. KEY TO SUCCESS

  1. Hi joong .I like ur dance,voice,…even unknown sadness in ur eyes.I don’t know much about u .I want u come to India bcoz ur many hearts r here keeps beating for u……

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