KIM HYUN JOONG and His Critics…


Kim Hyun Joong as many of us knows that his acting career started in 2009 when he portrayed the lead role of Yoon Ji Hoo in Boys Over Flower which was a big hit at home and overseas. Followed by Playful Kiss in 2010 as he portrayed lead Baek Seung Jo which had a low rating in Korea but brought good results overseas.

Despite of the success that Hyun Joong had been receiving, his critics or detractors has always been at his back criticizing  him specially in his acting ability.

Yesterday, as I was searching for something I can read about Hyun Joong I came across a certain write up which seemed to be a blind item or something. Or maybe it’s not really a blind item because his name was mentioned as the worst actor. But the writer’s description were all negative like, KHJ was  a robot in his acting and that he doesn’t emote very well, calling him Asian version of MJ!!

As a fan of KHJ, what can I do after reading negative criticism about him, but to respect others opinion even it seemed so unfair. I asked the writer though to justify her criticism, I was pertaining on KHJ’s acting ability, and she did. I wasn’t satisfied by her answer but I did not retaliate and thank her instead.


I was trying to search for answers on how KHJ’s critics or none critic qualify the Korean dramas that they have been watching and so with the actors. I started asking myself “how do I watch Korean drama”?

It was Winter Sonata that brought my attention to Kdramas. I always have two copies of DVD dramas that I watch, one copy has Korean audio with english sub-title, and the other is with my language dubbed audio. When I first watched Winter Sonata, I know nothing about the actors, my interest was the story plot.

We do watch these dramas to be entertained and not to be judges on how the actors perform. And since it’s Korean drama that we’re talking about, if I watch it in Korean audio, I would be busy reading the sub title and I wouldn’t want to miss anything from the sub. If I watched it in translated language dubbed, it’s definitely not the voice of the actor, so interpretation or delivery may differ.

I watched BOF thrice both in translated dubbed and with English sub-title because I like the story plot and I find the actors were well suited for the characters they portrayed. That time I didn’t know that it was Hyun Joong’s first acting experience. And I think he was good for a first timer and had portrayed Yoon Ji Hoo’s character quite well.  I don’t think he’ll be popular if he was a bad actor after the airing of BOF.

The guy has to start somewhere, and I believe veteran actors came from scratches just the same with Hyun Joong. It takes time before an actor can be fully developed as a good actor.  In fact he already gave a good start.  And besides Hyun Joong is a type of person who wouldn’t stop until he gets to develop. He may stumble once or twice but he will rise up on his own and attack again and again.

Hyun Joong doesn’t easily give up, for me it hurts to read criticisms about him and sometimes personal insults, but what more if he personally reads those write ups?? He’s a star, he’s in show business who’s bound to be criticized but he’s also human who gets hurt. But I’ve noticed that no matter what happen, he’s still up there, receiving awards, and with growing popularity as time goes.

One can never put a good man down, as Hyun Joong rise up he’s bound to face obstacles  on his way, but he’ll face it all head on and humbly prove himself as he always does…



4 thoughts on “KIM HYUN JOONG and His Critics…

  1. As I’ve known Hyunjoong & became a fan before he was being cast in the drama BOF I can’t help not to feel agitated for his acting.Well HJ also felt the pressure just the same that he overtook the dosage of sleeping pills that brought him to ER.The guy could’t sleep for few straight days!.That time I just keep saying to myself “C’mon HJ,you can do it!..Even there’ll be detractors don’t be discouraged!.We are right behind you,your fans no matter what~!!”.So when I finally able to watched his first acting I can’t explain my reaction~I can’t determine whether it was good or bad ,but definitely not the best,lol..maybe because it felt weird as I used to watch his different character,what more w/ his 4D side.Watching him as Jihoo~well HJ even admitted that even his friends were shocked!.But as the drama progressed so is his acting and I am among those fans who became delighted when he won some awards for his acting in the drama.And for those who criticize him…well,it’s their opinion and I have mine.Besides there is always a room for improvement.And HJ improves to the best~!!^^

    • My God you found this article!!! this is no longer in my file, I re-wrote it and is about to release it tomorrow. pls keep it. Pls don’t re-post it because it might confuse other readers having the same title. I’ve been looking for this article.
      I’m telling you when I watched BOF I never thought it was his first acting project because I do not know anything about him…..Hey you’re an angel how were you able to locate this article?? thank you thank you….

      • haha~have you forgotten Mr.Google??…actually I have just done reading.I won’t re-post it,promise.I better find the other articles w/c I missed..Oh~you got new one!..

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